Bang Klang Wilson is the sixth aired episode of Season 1, but the tenth in production order.


Today, the three trainees are taking the Ice Cream Test to earn their Ice Cream Badges, with Frostini examining them. Koko and Brewster are practising with their Ice Cream Trucks. Koko makes ice cream successfully; however Brewster's ice cream car starts malfunctioning, and Wilson's Ice Cream Truck extractor fan and circuit board overheat and blow up. So he takes it to the Repair Shed, knowing that the cars are only ones available. Morgan finds the blown circuit board and tells Wilson it will take a while to send the replacement. Wilson becomes worried that he can't take the test. Old Puffer Pete, who just had an oil change, has an idea: he finds his Old Ice Cream Truck to gives it to Wilson. Wilson is quite unsure about using it, but he knows that he has no choice but to use it if he is to earn his Ice Cream Badge.

Wilson returns to the Training Yard where Brewster and Koko are getting used to their Ice Cream Trucks. When Frostini arrives, he is very surprised to see Old Puffer Pete's Old Ice Cream Truck and is looking forward to see it in operation. This makes Wilson quite nervous as he still needs to master it. Old Puffer Pete comes to check his old machine and Wilson only suceeds in throwing a scoop of ice cream onto Old Puffer Pete's glasses. Soon, the time comes for the test and Koko goes first whilst Wilson is prepared to back down. But, Old Puffer Pete tells him that the Old Ice Cream Truck requires a delicate rhythm. After some more practising, Wilson gets the Old Ice Cream Truck working properly and gives a customer an ice cream, who is quite surprised to have being served from an old machine. Frostini is very impressed and all the trainees earn their Ice Cream Badges and he wants Wilson to teach him how to use Old Puffer Pete's Old Ice Cream Truck.



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