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BBC iPlayer is a British streaming and catch-up service owned by the BBC. All television programs from the BBC's ten channels are available to view on the service for a specific amount of time; thus, all of Chuggington has been available to watch on BBC iPlayer at least once.

Episodes of the series would be added as they premiered in the UK, up until the fifth season with the beginning of the series' five year hiatus. While the previously added episodes would eventually be removed, Season 6 would be added to the service as it released in the UK, with the fifth, fourth and third seasons being re-added. The first two seasons were also confirmed to be in the process of being re-added.


(S1-5 were all re-upload to the streaming service after the release of Series 6)


  • Like all other programs on the service, the Chuggington episodes have a BBC watermark.
  • The re-released versions of the first, to fifth seasons remain virtually unchanged, except for the new Tales from the Rails intro and credits.



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