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Background information[]

Asher is a fictional firefighting diesel chugger created by Sarah Ball and Rick Vines.

Being introduced in the fourth series, Asher became one of the most prominent recurring characters.

Asher is based on a CargoSprinter (specifically, the LRZ NT; Lösch-und Rettungszug Neue Technologie) painted red with white lining and dark-blue underbody, white cab underbody, dark blue wheel trucks with white and red hubcaps, as well as blue windows.

CGI model[]

Between 2012 and 2013, Asher was designed and modelled by Ludorum in the 3D modelling software Maya during the production of the fourth series.



  • Asher's model was modelled in Maya by Alex Parkin.[1]
  • Asher's Chug-Com is painted blue instead of red like the other Chug Patrollers, likely to signify that he originates from a different squad.

Voice actors[]

  • Marcel McCalla (UK/US)
  • Jonas Falcão (Brazil)
  • Samuel Harjanne (Finland)
  • Motohiro Yoneda (Japan)
  • Juan Pérez (Latin America)
  • Łukasz Talik (Poland)
  • Yevgeniy Val'ts (Russia)