Asher is a German red fire engine chugger.


In his first appearance, he was brought in specially by Jackman to give Wilson some advanced fire fighting training. But during training, Wilson uses up all his water when he was on patrol.So the fire got so strong that even Asher couldn't fight it. Wilson then grabbed a wet blanket from Brewster and threw it over the fire. Asher and Jackman both praised Wilson for his idea. He came back during the Track Dash Fun Race to temporarily run Chug Patrol whilst Jackman, Calley and Wilson were racing.


Asher is based on the Windhoff Cargo Sprinter. He is a single power unit with fire fighting equipment on his transport bed.


  • His Jazwares merchandising description reveals that Asher came from Tootington.
  • In German, he is called "Otto".
  • Despite not appearing until late into Season 4, he still appears in the Chug Patrol music video, that takes place during Rescue at Rocky Ridge.
  • Despite being voiced by the same actor in both dubs, Marcel McCalla gives Asher an American accent in the US dub as opposed to his British accent in the UK dub. He is the second character to be in this situation, the first being Harrison, the third being Decka, and the fourth being Skipper Stu, and the fifth and sixth being Harry and Hamish.
  • Asher is currently the only character in Season 6 to not have had a speaking role; however, in Tai Tracks, Asher is heard screaming while spinning around on a turntable. Although, he is left uncredited and it is unknown if he has retrieved his original voice actor.


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