Chuggington Wiki

These are the animals who live in Chuggington.


Peckum is Morgan's dog. He lives at the Repair Shed. In Wilson Gets a Wash, it is found out that he hates being clean.


Ebo is an elephant who lives at The Safari Park. In Wilson and the Elephant, he caused trouble for Wilson. He is quite popular among the people of Chuggington.


Banana is a mischevious monkey who lives at the Safari Park. He causes chaos everywhere he goes.


Zip is a puppy that belongs to Jenny. He is one of the main characters in episode Koko's Puppy Training, in which Koko finds Zip in a park and calls him "Zoomy", then wanting to keep him.

The Gigantic Crested Lizard[]

The Gigantic Crested Lizard was a lizard that Brewster once delivered to the docks. Mtambo wanted to pull the lizard to have an adventure. The lizard is not actually 'gigantic' - it was named after the scientist who discovered it.


Twiga is a giraffe at the Safari Park.


The squirrels appear in Koko and the squirrels and Koko's puppy training making a cameo.


Princess is a cute but naughty little monkey that causes trouble for Wilson when doing his work.


The rhinos in Chuggington are usually portrayed as lazy and sleepy but have occasionally caused trouble for the chuggers accidentally interrupting their sleep.


Jake is a baby giraffe that once escaped the Safari Park. Wilson tried to help him back, but Jake was too afraid of the thunder around him.


C.J. is a baby giraffe who is the daughter of Twiga.