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“That elephant just loves water!”
―Mtambo talking about Ebo

Animal Helper is the fourteenth episode of the first part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the fourteenth episode overall.


Brewster arrives at Safari Park to meet Mtambo, who instructs him on how to earn his "animal helper" badge- Mtambo tells Brewster that Ebo's enclosure is going through maintenance, and asks him to look after the elephant for a few hours; he also warns Brewster of Ebo's lack of obedience. Brewster takes Ebo around Safari Park and shows him the other animals, but soon realizes that Ebo sees the exhibits every day and decides to show the elephant where he lives.

At the Depot, Brewster shows Ebo his roundhouse, leading him to Roundhouse Park, where Koko is watering the plants. Ebo steps out of his wagon and sprays Brewster with water. Koko then recommends that Brewster shows Ebo the Chug Wash. After a quick shower, Vee announces that it is time for Brewster to return to his enclosure. Brewster tries to get Ebo to get back into his wagon, but he refuses. After some pleading from Brewster, Ebo gives him an impolite spraying.

Brewster returns with Koko, who sprays Ebo with the fire car (much to his joy). Koko slowly moves her aim towards the elephant wagon and soon has Ebo fixed to it. Brewster then sets off. When Ebo returns to his enclosure, he is overjoyed to find a newly-installed water fountain. Brewster returns to the Training Yard to earn his badge, where Koko also sprays him.


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  • On the British sign language version of the episode, the credits for the American dub are shown. Additionally, Troy Doherty and James Lukens are credited, despite not voicing their respective characters in this episode.

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