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Ambulance wagons are used to transport ill or injured people to Chuggington Hospital. The wagons are equipped with tools for treating people before arriving at the hospital. Chuggers who pull these wagons are known as ambulance chuggers. Nurse David taught Wilson, Brewster and Koko how to operate the wagon during a training session.[1]

Technical Details[]


Ambulance wagons have emergency lights and sirens that ambulance chuggers use in order to warn other chuggers that they are approaching. The wagons also have stretchers that can be controlled by the chugger pulling the wagon. The wagons have a pneumatic suspension system that allows the wagons to lower to the level of platforms when people enter or exit the wagons. The wagons' original coupler design was unique because it featured a large hinge, but it was replaced by the modern coupler design in the second series.


Ambulance wagons are painted white with green stripes and buffers. Their roofs are painted blue, and their doors are painted black. The satellite dishes on the wagons are painted purple.