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Alpha Group Co., Ltd. (simplified Chinese: 奥飞娱乐股份有限公司; traditional Chinese: 奧飛娛樂股份有限公司; pinyin: Aòfēi Yúlè Gǔfèng Yǒuxiàngōngsī) is the current toy master licensee for Chuggington as of June 3rd, 2019. A "broad range of toys across vehicles, track sets, radio-control toys, plush, games, electronics, smart toys, novelty, and seasonal products are all in development" for release in Autumn/Winter 2021 (though some exclusive items got an early release within July 2020 in China, and one set was eventually released as a December 2020 holiday exclusive on Amazon US).[1] The main toyline "will bring new innovation to well-loved train play patterns, giving fans the opportunity to re-enact the series’ adventures like never before with universal track sets, scenic location-based play sets and trains from the Chuggington world."[2]

First revealed at the London Toy Fair 2020, the new line will be divided into three scales; large-scale "Feature" chuggers including "Pop & Transform" Chuggers (with a surprise transformation) and rereleased and slightly redesigned Remote Control Chuggers, mid-scale "Traintastic" die-cast vehicles and playsets with "Look Alive" Chuggers (with moving facial expressions) and "Touch & Go" Chuggers (with innovative technology to start and stop), and small-scale Mini Chuggers with "Fold 'N Go" playsets.[3] The Traintastic and Feature scales will release in Q4 2021, with the Mini Scale launching Spring 2022.[4]

Alpha has also been working with the Herschend Entertainment Studios team in partnership for Season 6. An example of the synergy being represented is a subcategory of the Die-Cast vehicles with boxes that give them new (temporary) designs, tied in with a to-be-announced episode.

Traintastic Scale (Mid-Scale)


Motorized Two-Packs



  • Chug Patrol 1, Chuggineer Digger Car, and Open Wagon (China exclusive)


"Look Alive" Chuggers

"Touch and Go" Chuggers

Track Sets



Mini Scale (Small-Scale)



Stow 'N' Go Playsets

Feature Scale (Large-Scale)

Remote Control

Pop and Transform


  • The toyline was originally aimed for a Fall 2020 launch, but was pushed to 2021 to "let the newly launched show seed a little before the toys hit shelves."
  • The Traintastic Scale vehicles are largely the same as the original Die-Cast/StackTrack vehicles, with some modifications made to the toolings/paintwork:
    • The gauge has been widened, likely to make them compatible with other train systems.
    • The "Touch and Go" Chuggers are based on the Motorized chuggers, with altered toolings to make design the Trainees after their "normal" models and the wider gauged wheels.
    • Jackman's body has been raised up.
    • Emery has been given a completely new tooling, solely representing his cab (much like the Jazwares design) and including a door that can open up.
    • Wilson's Motorized model leaves out paint for certain details (some, such as his stripes, are applicable as packaged stickers), and his fuel tank is now all red instead of all black.
    • The cargo car uses its Die-Cast version instead of the plastic StackTrack version.
    • The "Look Alive" Chuggers use 6-axle undercarriages, much like the Chuggington Wooden Railway.


Mini Scale



Traintastic Scale

Look Alive Chuggers

Touch and Go Chuggers

Motorized Chuggers


Track Sets

Feature Chuggers

Pop and Transform

Remote Control




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