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Action Stations is a UK, Canadian and Australian DVD containing six episodes from the first season. Being the second Chuggington DVD released, it would be distributed by 2 Entertain in the United Kingdom, Phase 4 Films, Kaboom Entertainment and Nelvana in Canada and Roadshow Entertainment in Australia.


Honk your horns- toot! Toot! It's the traintastic world of Chuggington where eager engines Wilson, Koko and Brewster are learning to become working trains.

The three trainees are thrilled to spend a day with Action Chugger, who makes flying look easy - but Wilson discovers it isn't so simple after all! Dunbar's exciting new training device causes a storm and can Brewster overcome his fear to win his rescue badge?



  1. Jet Pack Wilson
  2. Brewster to the Rescue
  3. Wilson and the Wild Wind
  4. Zephie Ace Reporter
  5. Mtambo's Amazing Adventure
  6. Action Brewster

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  • Despite sharing the same episodes, Action Stations and Chuggers to the Rescue are not the same release, evident by the fact that both were released in Canada.


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