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Action Chugger
  • Class:FS E414
  • Voice: Pax Baldwin (UK), John Pohlhammer (US)
  • Configuration: Bo-Bo

Action Chugger is a super jet-powered chugger who lives in the distant suburbs of Chuggington. He is a movie actor and part time rescuer.


Action Chugger is Chuggington's real life superhero always ready to help anyone who is in trouble. He is like a cross between Superman and the Thunderbirds! All of the other chuggers think he is great - he is like a celebrity in Chuggington. Action Chugger has even had films made all about his rescues.


He is based on a FS E414 Italian locomotive but he also looks similar to the German ICE high speed train. His overall shape, as well as the use of jet engines, is very reminiscent of the Bombardier "JetTrain" gas turbine locomotive that was demonstrated between 2000 and 2003 in the USA and Canada.


  • Action Chugger is kind and has a lot of patience.
  • He stars in Action Chugger Movies.
  • Action Chugger has a unique front coupling - his comes out from underneath his front.
  • His catchphrase is "Chuggtastic!"
  • In German, he is called "Super-Lok" (lit: "Super-Locomotive"), in Hebrew: גיבור הקטרים (Gibor haKatarim; "Hero of the Locomotives", in Czech: Supervlak ("Super Train"), and in Polish: Superciuchcia ("Super Engine").
  • He is often admired by Brewster.
  • He has a visor that covers his eyes while in flight.
  • He refers to everyone else as "citizens".
  • As well as flying in the sky, he can run at very high speeds on the ground and has a hover engine to levitate a few meters, and can even fly backwards slowly.
  • All of his merchandise features wings that can fold in and out.
  • He sometimes talks in the third person when he announces somebody needs him (which he can detect), or is emphasising how invincible/amazing he is.
  • He is the only Chugger to have a theme so far.