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Action Chugger
  • Class:FS E414
  • Voice: Pax Baldwin (UK), John Pohlhammer (US)
  • Appearance: Chuggington

Action Chugger is a jet-powered chugger who lives in Chuggington.


Action Chugger is Chuggington's real life superhero always ready to help anyone who is in trouble. He is like a cross between Superman and the Thunderbirds! All of the other chuggers think he is great - he is like a celebrity in Chuggington. Action Chugger has even had films made all about his rescues.


He is based on a FS E414. ITALIAN LOCOMOTIVE but he also looks similar to the German ICE high speed train.


  • Action Chugger is kind and has a lot of patience.
  • He stars in Action Chugger Movies.
  • A C's front coupler is not like other chuggers - his comes out from under himself. No-one really knows where his comes from.
  • His catchphrase is "Chuggtastic!"
  • In German he is called "Super-Lok", but in English this would mean "Super-Locomotive". Similarly, in Hebrew his name is גיבור הקטרים, which in English means "Hero of the Engines".
  • He is often admired by Brewster.
  • He first performed his trademark barrel roll in his movie, "The Rolling Adventures Of Action Chugger".


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