Action Chugger is a super jet-powered chugger who lives in the distant suburbs of Chuggington. He is a movie actor and part time rescuer.


In his first appearance, Action Chugger surprised the trainees at the Countryside Drive-in after the three had completed an sign-reading test. Soon afterwards, Action Chugger would take Zephie to said Drive-In for an interview about a mobile rail vehicle made by Morgan, but accidentally crushed it upon arrival; despite this, Zephie having a ride with Action Chugger would make headlines on its own. Action Chugger took the King of Buffertonia to Safari Park after Old Puffer Pete became caught up in a rock landslide; additionally, he would teach a lesson about rescuing to the trainees- and later that day, he would rescue Wilson after he used one of the jet packs to have a go at flying.

Some time later, Action Chugger would break down along the blue line after getting a branch stuck in one of his jets; luckily, Brewster, who was on recycling duty at the time managed to get him back on the rails. Around this time, Action Chugger also rescued Wilson from a snowdrift, brought Hodge into space to fix the satellite that he had tipped over, and fall victim to Dr. Ling's soap that hardened when it dried.

Action Chugger would also put on a disguise as a regular chugger for one of his films (with his lack of knowledge causing him to be trapped in a rock landslide at the Loading Yard), host the Iron Chuggers competition between the steam team and the Chuggineers, and finally recruit Brewster and Zephie as his part-time sidekicks. The trainees would also attempt to give Action Chugger a day off as requested by Mayor Pullman, but after a couple of mishaps having to do with Zack and an overpowered motor, the trainees learnt that rescuing is what makes Action Chugger feel relaxed.


Despite his fame, Action Chugger never lets his popularity get to him. He believes in sticking to promises, being honest, and keeping the public safe. While Action Chugger is not very social to others, he is polite and is willing to do odd jobs when he has the time. Even if he is kind, Action Chugger can discipline others and isn't afraid to tell them off when necessary. In all, Action Chugger always puts others before himself and believes that the most important thing in working is getting the job done.

Technical Details

Possible Basis

Action Chugger is of a freelance design, although he does seem to loosely resemble an FS E.414 Italian locomotive but he also looks similar to the German ICE high speed train. His overall shape, as well as the use of jet engines, is very reminiscent of the Bombardier "Jet train" locomotive that was demonstrated between 2000 and 2003 in the USA and Canada.


Action Chugger is painted peach with a brown lower lip and patches of brown at the back of him. His bogies and windows have silver edges and he has a black tinted eye shield. In Undercover Action Chugger, Action Chugger would be painted olive green.


Main Series

Badge Quest

  • Part 2 - Home, Wilson! (does not speak)
  • Part 3 - Share the Load

Discover Chuggington: All Aboard!

  • Chuggington Roll Call

Audio Files


First used Last used Sound Effect
Iron Chuggers Iron Chuggers


  • Action Chugger stars in Action Chugger Movies.
  • His catchphrase is "Chugtastic!"
  • In German, he is called "Super-Lok" (lit: "Super-Locomotive"), in Hebrew: גיבור הקטרים (Gibor haKatarim; "Hero of the Locomotives", in Czech: Supervlak ("Super Train"), and in Polish: Superciuchcia ("Super Engine").
  • He is often admired by Brewster.
  • He has a visor that covers his eyes at all times.
  • He refers to everyone else as "citizens".
  • As well as flying in the sky, he can run at very high speeds on the ground and has a hover engine to levitate a few meters, and can even fly backwards slowly.
  • All of his merchandise features wings that can fold in and out.
  • He sometimes talks in the third person when he announces somebody needs him (which he can detect), or is emphasising how invincible/amazing he is.
  • His height is shortened in most merchandise, as it is assumed that he will be played with in play sets with his wings out.



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