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Action Brewster is the sixteenth episode of Season 1.


Action Chugger The Movie is going to shown at the Ride-In, and everybody is looking forward to seeing it tonight. Brewster is most excited of all until he is given the task by Irving to take scrap metal to the Foundry, which is miles away from Chuggington. Vee suggests to Brewster that, if he acts like a Super Chugger, he can get his job done quickly and calls him Action Brewster. During his journey to the Foundry, Brewster proves to be helpful to a little girl, who's ball gets stuck in a tree; and proves to be helpful and strong by pushing Old Puffer Pete up a very steep hill.

Despite his best efforts though, Brewster is nowhere near the Foundry when it starts getting dark. Worried that he's going to miss the film, Brewster carelessly loads the scrap metal into a skip beside the railway, which tumble onto the track just as he's about to leave. At first, Brewster heads for the Ride-In, but then, realising that he's not acting like a Super Chugger, he goes back to clear up the mess, which has blocked Chatsworth. After clearing the track, Brewster makes his delivery to the Foundry and arrives at the Ride-In, thinking that he'd missed the film. Luckily for Brewster, the film hadn't started as Eddie and Hodge had being busy clearing up the popcorn, which had spilt out of the popcorn truck. All the locomotives and staff watch the film, and Brewster is happy to have being helpful and strong and he got his job done!







  • When Wilson asks to see how the crusher works, in the UK dub Irving says "Indeed", but in the US version he says "Of course".
  • In the UK dub when Irving tells Brewster to take the cans to the crusher he says: "Now then Brewster", but in the US dub he says "Okay Brewster".
  • This episode, along with Poor Old Puffer Pete are the only episodes Plarail has made merchandise for.


  • After Irving reverses, Brewster's rear bogie-wheels have no tracks beneath them.


  • Plarail - Koko & Hodge Chum Up Freight Car Set